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Magic Magnesium – A Guide

Magnesium is of the most important minerals in the body. Magnesium is required by the trillions of cells in your body to carry out hundreds of different processes every day.

Magnesium is involved with the metabolism of your foods, hormone production, stress modulation, muscle relaxation, bone health and sleep regulation.

Here are some of the reasons you would be low or deficient in magnesium:

• You’re not getting enough from your diet.

• Even if you are eating a diet predominant in whole-foods, modern agricultural practices have unfortunately depleted the soil from many key minerals including magnesium, again making it harder to meet your RDI for magnesium.

• Your diet is high in processed food which depletes the body of magnesium (and other nutrients).

• Over consumption of coffee, tea and alcohol, all of which affects absorption and retention of magnesium

• Certain medications (such as antibiotics, diuretics and steroids) can cause moderate to severe depletion in magnesium.

• Low magnesium is associated with the onset of stress cascade AND the stress response uses more magnesium – so leads to more depletion of magnesium.

• This can result in a vicious cycle: low magnesium causes increased stress, which leads to an increase in the use and excretion of magnesium, leading to lower magnesium levels

So, an easy way to get that magnesium up is too take a good quality magnesium supplement.

What to look for:

When checking out supplement labels, look for how much elemental or equivalent magnesium it contains – 300 mg per dose is an ideal amount. Not all forms of magnesium are the same, with different types leading to different levels of absorption and tolerability (hence loose bowels after taking certain types of magnesium).

Look for an amino acid chelate forms, such as magnesium bisglycinate, or citrate, which provides optimal absorptionand lower side effects when compared to other forms of magnesium available.

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