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Getting Your Plate Looking Right

One of the most common things that I see in Clinic is the confusion of what clients should be eating. High Fat? Low fat? High Protein? – what is the best diet?

So here are some guidelines to get your plate looking right:

Start with whole food – meaning food that has LHI (Low human intervention). Hopefully most of the food you eat doesn’t come in containers – but if they do – the ingredients list should be less than 5 ingredients and should be pronounceable and not numbers.

Plate size is important – aiming for a plate size approx. 20-25cm. This helps to manage our portion sizes and overeating.

The priority of what we put on our plate should go in this order:

1. Non-starchy vegetables – ½ your plate 2. Protein foods - 100- 150grams cooked (depending on current weight and goals this may need to be increased) –or 1 egg per 20kg of body weight 3. Healthy fats – 1tsp. per 20kg of body weight 4. THEN add complex carbs based on your individual tolerance level and activity levels

Use this chart below to choose from the different food groups:

In Clinic I also take into account and address

• Sleep Quality • Stress Levels • Metabolic Status (Pre- diabetes, Thyroid issues etc) • Digestion (bloating, constipation etc) • Hormonal Health • Nutrient Status (low iron, B12 etc.)

If necessary, I can get testing ordered to access any underlying issues that may be impacting on your health.

Please contact me to arrange an appointment for individual advice

Jane Syme – Registered Clinical Nutritionist

Christchurch, NZ

Phone - 027-3080-305


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