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Portrait of Clinical Nutritionist Jane Syme
Who Am I 

I am a Clinical Nutritionist who is passionate about improving people's health and well being, by working together to provide a treatment plan that will achieve results.  I work with all the body systems to ensure they are all working optimally together to provide energy, vitality and to help maintain peak health.

Professional Registration with the Clinical Nutritional Association

  • Annual continued education

  • Certain Insurance companies will cover consultations

  • Adhering to code of ethics and Rules of Practice

What Do I Do

As a Clinical Nutritionist I work with many clients with varying health goals and issues.  Getting to the root cause of symptoms can be life changing for many people who have struggled with chronic health issues.


Combining the knowledge I have learnt through training, keeping up to date with the latest research and continuing my professional development, enables me to help my clients get their health goals on track.

I am a Registered Clinical Nutritionist, and an accredited member of the Clinical Nutrition Association New Zealand. This means you can claim some Nutritional Consultations every year with selected insurance companies (Southern Cross Health allows this). Please check your policies to see if this is something you can qualify for. 

Where Do I Work?

I work in a Private Practice in the Christchurch area.  I work integratively with GP's, Specialists, Clinical Psychologists,  Acupuncturists, and various other modalities to ensure my client gets the best possible results from the treatment plan.

Diet Salad
What About Testing ?

We can't manage what we don't count.  So in the spirit of specificity, here is a list of a few of the tests included in Functional Medicine Testing:

  • Organic Acid Test (OAT)  

The OAT test can help to reveal problems with metabolism, nutrient deficiencies, gut health, neurotransmitters & much more.

  • D.U.T.C.H. Testing for Hormone Imbalance

The Dutch Hormone Test is the most advanced test for sex and adrenal hormones. 

  • Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA)

The CDSA provides important information regarding the efficiency of digestion & absorption, as well as testing for pathogens & dysbiosis biota as a cause of gut & immune problems.

  • Complete Dietary Antigen Test  

A food allergy & food intolerance blood test that looks at the physiological response of the immune system after exposure to food components, causing a reaction.  The combined dietary antigen test is the most comprehensive look and assessment of inflammation & immune activity to specific foods that can cause many systemic issues.

  • DNA Health (Genetic Testing)

Your genetic data is analysed which generates your personalised report based on well-established scientific & medical research, to help with personalised your nutrition, as well as looking at other health indicators includes detoxification and inflammation.

  • Liposcreen LDL & Oxidised Sub Fraction Testing  

More in-depth information on the size and oxidation of your cholesterol, which can be more informative than standard Cholesterol testing if you have a cardiovascular risk.

  • VLA bio impedance testing

Body analysis of body composition, cell health and fluid balance.

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