• Jane Syme – Registered Clinical Nutritionist

Balancing the Human Microbiome

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

After attending an awesome seminar a few weeks ago, I was reminded once again how important the gut is to overall health.

The seminar was presented by Kiran Kirshnan who is a Research Microbiologist and Dr Tom Bayne a Chiropractic Physician dedicated to improving the gut microbiome, who both travelled over from the States.

Some of the things I was reminded about, as well as learnt were:-

• All chronic illness start or are perpetuated by a dysfunctional gut.

• What the most common dysfunctions that drive these chronic illness.

• The most effective way to treat these dysfunctions.

Healing the gut is multifactorial and requires several layers of therapy and an individualised plan to get the best results. This can include; nutritional changes, lifestyle changes, and the right supplements with the correct dosage.

If you have any concerns your gut is driving any current symptoms or health issues that can include:

• Bloating • Gut Pain • Irregular Bowels • Hormonal Imbalances • Pain • Cardiovascular Disease • Blood Sugar Dysregulation • Neurological Issues • Allergies

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